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Poundbury Voices, Dorset Voices: Background Information

Poundbury Voices editorial team has as its purpose the aim to combine the local with the international, and to select the best of creative writing produced by diverse writers in Dorset.

The Poundbury Voices team aims to be socially and culturally inclusive in its editorial policies, to reflect the vision of the urban planners involved with the creation of Poundbury. 

We aim to help people join in, to share their experiences with others and to connect. This is about helping to put the soul into a developing urban environment and about contributing to the community. We want to provide a platform for literary talent, alongside the work of outstanding architects, builders and crafts people.

We are not aiming to represent only well-tried and traditional forms of writing, however. The Poundbury Voices team has a wider agenda, and will encourage all forms of creative writing. We will offer no regulations, stipulations, codes or style-guidance (apart from length, and deadlines) to our contributors. We will welcome both the local (and vernacular) and the cosmopolitan. 

We want to break boundaries, and to demonstrate that Poundbury is succeeding in fostering social harmony, that it is breaking more boundaries than its early critics believed to be possible. We believe that, in time, Poundbury, as a distinctive but integral part of Dorchester, could become a new hub of creativity. 

Poundbury Voices will help to create a greater sense of a cultural community in Poundbury and the wider region.

We aim to reflect a changing Dorset and West Country, not the traditional rural image. 

By tapping the pool of talent in the Dorset and by attracting and encouraging new and established prose writers (short stories, flash fiction, prose-poems etc, up to 2000 words), writers of poetry (poems up to 40 lines in length) and  and photographers (black and white only), the aim of the editorial board is to select outstanding work by people resident in the region.

The annual publication of the Poundbury Voices collection "DORSET VOICES", on a commercially viable basis (to be published in association with Roving Press), will also aim to reflect aspects of the social philosophy and community ideals expressed by the Duchy of Cornwall, and to demonstrate the positive cultural outcomes and exciting creative activities of a harmonious mixed community.

Poundbury Voices and "DORSET VOICES" are the joint initiative of three writers, who are the project managers and who constitute the editorial board:
Louisa Adjoa Parker, Maria Strani-Potts and Jim Potts:

The publishers of DORSET VOICES will be ROVING PRESS

Poundbury Voices, "Dorset Voices" Annual

Do you enjoy writing? Would you like to see your work published in a new anthology that reflects local and diverse voices? 

Poundbury Voices has recently been set up by three local writers  to showcase new creative writing from Dorset. The emphasis is a mix of local and international interest, to reflect the diversity of the community in Dorset. 

Our aim is to produce a collection, "DORSET VOICES", in the Spring of 2012. It will be published in association with ROVING PRESS. 

If you are interested in submitting your work and would like to find out more, please email:

or, alternative email,

Poundbury Voices Mission Statement

The Poundbury Voices team aim to: 

·         Showcase quality creative work of local writers from diverse backgrounds
·         Reflect the landscape of Dorset and encourage local writing and writers with a Dorset connection or using a Dorset setting (writers with a Dorset residential address)
·         Reflect the lives of the people from different social and cultural backgrounds
·         Blend local and international interest
·         Publish a mixture of creative fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and black and white photos in "Dorset Voices"
·         Promote community cohesion and mutual respect

Alternative email: